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FM-200 Gas Extinguishing Systems

FM-200 Gas Extinguishing Systems, Price of FM-200 Gas Fire Extinguishing Systems; colorless and odorless. FM200, which is filled in tubes under pressure of 25 bar; it is kept in liquid form. The reason why FM-200 gas extinguishing systems, which are widely used, are preferred so often; as an image, does not cause any damage to the area of application and there is no threat to human health. Gas in liquid form; is applied to the combustible area by spraying and the FM200 gas forms a layer by covering the combustible surface in the form of glaciers. FM 200 gas, which is similar in structure to Halon gas; It is not a chemical like Halon gas but a physical fire extinguishing system.

FM200 gas in FM-200 Gas Extinguishing Systems; it is the most effective gas to extinguish the fire with about 7% performance. Especially because it does not reflect the physical damage left by other fire extinguishers; is one of the most used automatic fire extinguishing systems today. This again has the advantage of the FM 200.

In order not to cause the excess fire to be caused by the burning fire; it needs to be extinguished as soon as possible. Otherwise, the various systems and units located in the area where the fire broke out will soon disappear. FM 200 gas extinguishing systems; because of the short intervention. After the fire alarm is activated, the ignition system automatically intervenes and the flammable surface is sprayed in about 8 seconds.

FM-200 Gas Extinguishing Systems

One of the most important features of FM 200 fire extinguishing systems is; permanent damage to the flammable surface and various equipments. Water, foam or chemical powder containing fire extinguishing systems on surfaces exposed to serious damage to the physical appearance. Due to this problem FM200 gas has been developed and it has started to be widely used because it does not cause physical damage on the applied surface. Especially in areas intervened with FM200 gas; The fact that there is no need for cleaning after the fire is also the most important influence on the widespread use of this system. Even in areas where electrical equipment is involved, it is not a problem again.

If FM200 would sort out the main features of the gas;

It is a colorless gas.
It has the ability to smell.
There is no conductivity.
It does not damage the ozone layer.
Since there is no chemical gas; it does not contain the elements that threaten human health.
FM200 gas, a physical gas; if used properly, does not give any damage to the flammable surface by other fire extinguishers.
It spreads quickly in the relevant environment.
Economically more profitable than other extinguishers.
The areas where FM200 fire extinguishing systems are widely used are;

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FM-200 Gazlı Söndürme Sistemleri